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Blind Date Tips for Men A blind date we’ve all heard of them or at least considered

In fact there are a lot of guys out there who prefer to blind date. Why? Because they are much more exciting than a ‘normal’ first date. I have found the majority of guys me included think that there is nothing worse than a date with a woman that you absolutely do not know how she looks.
I am not a big fan of blind dates, if you’re the type of guy who is desperate for a date I would advise you to do some work on yourself, instead of asking your friends to set you up with women you have never met. In saying that there is nothing wrong with having your friends put a good word in for you with a women you have already meet.
For anyone who still wants to take a chance we have 5 useful tips.
1. As a guy you are going to judge her on her looks she may have a great personality and you may have a few things in common but if you are not attracted to her you’re just settling for something you don’t really want.
2. To organize the date I would always advise calling her rather than e-mailing her. Calling her views much more personal and you can immediately hear her voice. That’s one less surprise on your first date. If she has a terrible accent or appears to be very shy at least you know what you’re going to be in fore
3. Always blind date in the day never on weekends. As should the date be disappointing you can easily get away. One way to end the date is to tell her that you go to a meeting In the afternoon. A date after the work is also a good option. If it is not clicking with your date, you can save yourself with “I must go somewhere tonight.” When blind dating I would always expect the worst so I would always let her know you could only stay for an hour or so .
4. If there is absolutely no chemistry between you and your date don’t feel that you are obligated to spend hours and hours with her. If after the first hour with her you feel nothing personally I would tell her, but I would always pick up the tab and be polite about it .
5. Get the idea of taking her home that night out of your head. If by some slim chance you are actually on a date with a quality woman take your time and let things just happen.
As I said at the beginning of this article I am not a big fan of blind dating, I am a big fan putting the work in so you can be in any social situation, see a girl you would like to meet and have the ability to open a conversation with her.