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By now, you’re probably getting the idea that attraction isn’t the same for women as it is for us. They don’t want a man who makes himself too available to her or who comes off as needy. They don’t want the bottom line strictly business approach…it kills romance and mystery. But this indirect approach is not to be confused with being meek or subtle. In fact, if you want to build attraction with women, the worst thing that you can do is be meek. You need to be a bit of a bad boy, that’s the key to building truly magnetic attraction with women.
You’ve probably suspected this for your whole life, and it’s time to just make one thing point blank clear: nice and sweet guys are not attractive to women. Yes, they say that’s what they want. But how many people do you know who claim that they want something…but their choices tell an entirely different story? People say that they want to be thin and in shape, but they sit in front of the TV for hours a day. They say that they want to be rich, but they spend themselves into debt and work jobs that they hate.
ALL of us claim to want things that we don’t pursue with our behaviours. And the same is true when it comes to what women find attractive. They say that they want a nice sweet and well-mannered guy…but if you believe that to be the truth, you’ll continue to be confused by the dating decisions that you see women make.
Creating the true magnetic attraction with women (the kind of attraction that they literally have no control over) requires you to be a bit of a bad boy. The kind of men that you see women fall for over and over, and wonder why the hell they keep telling you that what they really want is a nice guy.
So what’s it going to take for you to become a man who naturally creates magnetic attraction with women? Well, there are three things which you must incorporate into your flirting in order to position yourself as one of these “ladies magnets:”
1. Non-Neediness As I mentioned before, the less you need to be attracted to you, the more attractive she’s likely to find you. Think about it, when you meet a woman who makes you earn your place in her life, how much more valuable does she seem to you because of this? You might have heard that people value things depending on the price they had to pay for them. So what kind attraction can you hope to build with a woman if you’re making yourself openly available to her all the time? If you want to present yourself as a good catch, it’s a good idea to put a high value on yourself make her work for your attention.
This means you don’t have to be readily available every time she calls. You don’t have to do only things that she’s interested in. You don’t have to agree with everything she says or tolerate her when she’s being unreasonable with you. In fact, many times woman will test you to see whether or not you’re going to get in to her right away or if you’re going to stay the course and be your own person. Nice guys make the mistake of giving women whatever they want whenever they ask for it. And of course, women find this kind of behavior boring, weak, and submissive…all things which will kill attraction instantly. So the first step to creating magnetic attraction is getting rid of the needy “please like me” attitude.
2. Mystery Men who create magnetic attraction with women do so because they know how to keep her guessing and wondering about certain things. In other words, they don’t tell women everything about themselves upfront. They let a few things remain explained or undisclosed, sometimes for several dates after they’ve met a woman. This way, they use curiosity and mystery to get women thinking about them when they’re not around…and this almost always solidifies into attract.
3. Social Proof Social proof is basically demonstrating to a woman that other women already find you to be a man of high social value. The best way to demonstrate this is to have other women friends in your life at all times. These can be close friends or casual acquaintances, but the important thing is that the women you’re actually dating see that there are other women in your life. This works like a charm when it comes to building attraction because it tells a woman two things: • That other women already consider you to be worth spending time with • That some other woman could get a hold of you if she doesn’t Think about it, what better proof that you are a man of high social than the approval of other women? Not only that, when a women sees that some other woman might get a hold of you before she does, it increases her desire to have you.
Jealousy is a very strong attraction builder, and since women are also more prone to want something that they can’t have, surrounding yourself with female acquaintances and friends will create an enormous boost in you attractiveness to women. Now, are you wondering if there’s one thing you can do to demonstrate non-neediness, mystery and social proof?
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