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First Date

If you’ve finally managed to arrange a special date with someone you like, the first thing to consider is how to make it something so good, that he or she wants to see you again on a second occasion You do not need much to make of the first date something wonderful that leads to another date. Leave the stress aside to prepare for that first special date. Being confident and a having a good topic of conversation are the keys to that first date, avoid showing your nerves or a face of boredom, be kind and we can assure you that the world will not fall over, enjoy the evening and make your date remember that evening for years.
The success of the first date is based on knowing the other person better and giving a respectful treatment
Pay attention to the following list of tips to consider for the first time in witch you are going in a date with that special person so you mesmerize that person: Choose the right clothes Provocative or inappropriate dress can lead to the risk of giving a bad impression. Although you know a little of the other person, wearing revealing clothing may indicate that you are pushing too hard to conquer. Better for you to dress in appropriate clothing for the place where the tow of you will be going and in witch you feel attractive and comfortable. Do not use too much perfume Keep in mind that just because you can not smell your own perfume, it does not mean that those around you cannot smell it. Get used to wear in the places you check your pulse such as; your neck, behind the ears and wrists, that is enough. Agree to meet in a public place Even being someone that you know, is better meeting in a public place like a park, a plaza or a restaurant. Public places provide security and confidence. Prepare a plan If you know a little about the person you are going to have a first date with, you must know even a little about his / her tastes. Create a list of activities that you both love to do more than the ordinary that is usually done on a first date. Take into account if your partner suffers from an injury or allergy in case of you taking him / her for a walk or preparing a picnic.
Giving a good impression does not require an expensive evening
Boys: show your manners! Despite living in a world so modernized, men should always act with chivalry toward women. Details such as opening the car door or the restaurant, pull out the chair or serve the drinks are small manners that will undoubtedly be grateful. Listen Ask a question and show interested in what he or she say about it. Addresses issues such as work, sports, hobbies, books, music, movies…. These themes are great for talking on the first date. Important: Do not talk about religion, political or past relationships. Look in the eyes Make eye contact expresses interest and shows that you pay attention to your date. Have fun! Remember that the dates should be enjoyable and fun . Laugh with your date and bring out your sense of humor. Make each activity within the event enjoyable for both, that leads to happiness
Be yourself, with your manners, your tastes and the way you are at all times is essential for a successful date.

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