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How to Text a Woman At Work

Question: I’ve been seeing this woman on and off for a little bit, I’d like to get serious with her, but I don’t know if she feels the same way. So, we text each other now and again and the other day I texted her at work and she ignored the text. I waited for a while and then texted her again and still no answer. When she finally texted me back later on, she seemed kind of mad about me texting her at work. Is there a way to text her when she is at work that works?

My answer: Let’s get right to the heart of this question – is there a way to text a woman when she is at work? And the answer is this: Some women can’t field texts when they are at work and that is just the way that it is. Sure, there are some jobs where you can get away with it, but some you cannot. And if you are sending her texts while her supervisors around or something and she was to pick up her phone and send a text back to you – she might get in trouble for that.

The reason why she was most likely upset was because you did it again. The first time, she might have thought that you just didn’t realize she was busy or something. The second time might have been the one that really annoyed her.

Even though it is easy to just grab your cell phone and send her a text message, that doesn’t mean that you should do it. Most of the time, unless you know otherwise, you should assume that she can’t take texts when she is working and you should just wait until she is on a break or when she gets off of work.

If things are going good between you and her, but it is still kind of early in the relationship – something like texting her at work and annoying her can end up changing the way that she feels about you.
All in all,  texting should be done when it is time appropriate. When you know someone is busy and they are in a situation where they probably can’t text you back, wait until you know that she is free. That’s going to be much better than sending her texts at the wrong time and getting her annoyed. She should ENJOY seeing your texts,  not be annoyed by them.

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