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Is It Hard For You To Find a Girlfriend? Let’s Make It EASY

It’s a pretty classic story line. Nice guy just wants to meet a woman that he can make his girlfriend and is finding it hard to do. A lot of the time, the first response that a guy will have as to WHY he finds it to be so hard is that he just doesn’t seem to meet many women. At least – not the kind of women that he wants to date. That can sound like a big problem, but really, it can be easy to tackle. I know what it’s like to feel like it is hard to meet the right woman, trust me. You feel like no matter where you go – it’s the same old story.
Well, let’s make it EASY for you to FIND a girlfriend.

Here is some advice that I know will make things click for you and make things seem a lot less difficult:

1)  You really do have to know what you are LOOKING for in a woman.
It will always seem impossible to meet the right woman if you don’t know what she looks like when you do see her. No matter what – just saying that you want to find a girlfriend is not enough. You have to have some idea of what exactly you want in a woman. If you can do that – then you can start to narrow things down a bit and things will suddenly seem a little bit easier.
2)  You need to know WHAT to SAY to a woman when you meet her to make her want you.
Just being able to spot the kind of woman you want to date is not going to be enough to make her your girlfriend. You know that already. You need to bring something more than that to the table. There are plenty of guys out there who really want a girlfriend. What you need to do to make her see some «potential» in you, is you need to be able to attract her by knowing what to say to her.
3)  You also need to understand how to ESCALATE the attraction that she feels for you so that it becomes a «done deal.»
I know that there are plenty of guys who want to know what the SECRET is to being able to seal the deal with a woman that they like and if there is one thing that I would narrow it down to – it is your ability to escalate her attraction. You can make her feel enough attraction to want to talk to you or hang out with you, but until you really know how to make things ESCALATE –  there are no guarantees that she is going to want to be YOUR girlfriend.

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