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Men – Characteristics That Drive Women Away

If you are having any kind of troubles when it comes to attracting or having relationships with women and you want that to change, then it might be a good idea to learn some of the characteristics that will generally drive women away from you. It’s not that uncommon for a guy to end up wondering what he did wrong when he either gets dumped by a girlfriend or he just does not seem to be able to make things click with the women that he meets.

When it feels like you are practically driving women away from you or scaring them off, then it is really important that you find out what the cause of this might be. You cannot expect to find success at dating if you are continually driving women away, can you? Of course, just identifying what it is that might be driving women away is not enough. You also have to be able to make whatever changes are necessary so that women don’t get «driven» away from you.

These are 3 really prevalent characteristics that seem to afflict men that will drive women away from you:

  1. Anytime that you are in social situations, such a group, you cannot show a woman signs of social immaturity.
    It’s kind of an understatement to say that, on the whole, women are a lot more social than men are. They are a lot more in tune with what’s «right» when it comes to being in social situations. And if you give off any hints that you may be «socially immature,» then you may be driving women away from you because of this. Now, you may not be a social creature by nature, but that does not mean that you can’t pick up on a few cues here and there and be able to adapt pretty well in all social situations.
  2. Being the kind of guy who seems threatened when a woman has friends of her own.
    Most women tend to look for red flags, signs that a guy may not be exactly what he seems. One of those really BIG red flags that women look for, is whether or not a guy is really controlling. If you don’t know this, being really controlling is NOT a good thing. That is how it appears when you don’t allow a woman to have her own friends. You come across like a guy who may be abusive or may be the kind of guy who will keep her from having a life of her own. This scares most women off pretty quickly.
  3. Giving a woman the impression that she really is too good for you.
    This is what usually happens when a guy sucks up to a woman a little bit too much. He comes across as being beneath her, and that ends up being a HUGE turn off. If you do NOT want her to get the impression that she is too good for you, then you want to refrain from kissing up to her and trying to compliment your way into her heart a little too much. Be confident and let her see that you really are on her level, so that you have more of a chance to get her to fall in love with you.

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