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The 3 Biggest Myths About What It Takes To Be Successful With Women!

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around regarding what women find attractive in a man. Many a bachelor has convinced himself that without these qualities he doesn’t stand a chance and is going to have to settle for second best.
I’d like to put these rumors to rest right now so you can really jump with both feet into the dating game and become the successful bachelor you always dreamed about.
“My love life will improve when I have a hot new car, more money, a better job, etc…”
Listen, I won’t lie to you and say that these qualities aren’t important and attractive to women. They are definitely a big turn on for them, but they will only take you so far. Those things will make a favorable first impression and get your foot in the door but after that you still have to prove yourself to her.
Obviously there are a certain percentage of women out there who are highly attracted to these men and they are called”Gold Diggers.”These are the kind of girls you definitely don’t want in your life as they will only hang around as long as you are providing handouts. They also could not care less about you, rather only what you can do for them.
The lesson here is to find someone who likes you for what you are and not for what you have!
“If only I was better looking, then I wouldn’t have any problems with women!”
Once again I am not going to try and B. S. you and say that looks don’t matter.
Sure, they definitely can help especially in the beginning, but after that the guy still has to prove that he is fun, intelligent and interesting to keep her attention. One thing to keep in mind is that every woman has a different definition of what good-looking is.
You may think you are not great looking but… one woman may look at you and say”he has that rugged handsome type of look that I like”and another might say”he’s kind of cool in an edgy sort of way”etc… Remember you can’t please everyone!
I have seen women argue over guys that, I thought, were the stereotypical hunky male that they would all drool over and yet some thought he was just ok and others said he didn’t do anything for them. Go figure!
So there you go, even if you were the so-called perfect male it doesn’t guarantee you a place in their hearts let alone their beds!
“Good guys never get the girls and they always get stepped on!”
Let me tell you, I swallowed this one hook, line and sinker! I believed this myth because I often saw the hot-looking women going out with guys who were obnoxious jerks. To top it off, these guys treated the girls like garbage.
From those experiences I equated being”bad”as a requirement for getting all the women. Well, my beliefs were all B. S. and let me tell you why. The only reason why these guys get the girls in the first place is because they manage to impress them with their confidence. As I have said many times throughout my book:
Another reason they may end up with all the hot chicks is because they are the only ones with big enough balls to ask them out!
While you may think that becoming a”bad guy”is where it’s at there is a catch! Once the girls begin to see that he is full of hot air and not as interesting as she first thought she will dump him like a hot potato. Also, when she realizes that the guy is treating her like crap she will finally get the message.
At that point you will hear her asking her friends, “Where are all the nice guys?”So if you are a nice guy be thankful and don’t worry because you will ultimately be the one with the gorgeous girls on your arm!
By Dr. Jeffrey Wilde Guaranteed Success With Women
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