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The phrases that can kill a relationship

To have a good relationship, it is very important to respect each other. Words are the most dangerous things that can kill everything very fast. Thereby, it is important to be careful with words that you say to your partner.

The phrases that you shouldn’t use in your relationship

Here are some of the phrases that can kill even strong relationship:

  • “You’re acting like your father!” Children love their parents in all situations. Even if there were disagreements between your partner and his father, it’s just their territory anyway. You can voice this phrase only if you want to praise your man and watch The Fappening.
  • “You are like my ex…” If you are compared with such a person, this is a hint that you are also a contender for the departure from the game
  • “You will never find someone except me…” A depreciating phrase hurts very deeply and painfully, at the same time motivating the offended to look for another person to whom he will be truly valuable and needed. Or just go away from the source of humiliation
  • Continuous “You forget to…” The essence of the conflict may lie in anything, the main words “Ever …”, “Never” and “You always…”, plus the intonation with which they are pronounced. The accusatory tone will cause the partner to defend himself or to get away from the tiring attacks far away.