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Questions for the guy at the acquaintance on the Internet

For successful acquaintances questions play the integral role in the Internet. They not only help to obtain valuable information, but also connect subjects for communication. Questions for the acquaintance to the guy can be asked not only to understand him, but also to build communication.


Your task at the first stage of acquaintance is to find the general topics. To find the general subjects for communication it is necessary to learn by trial questions, in the beginning, those subjects, interests which can connect you. Each of subjects sputters out sooner or later, therefore, it is necessary to be able to pass from one subject to another. The easiest way to find new subjects – to ask questions. Questions can be different:


counter questions (for example, he has asked, then you have asked the same question him),

the specifying questions (you have asked a question, he has answered, and then have asked the additional specifying question about the same subject), etc.


When the guy, for example, asks about preferences in music, having answered his question, ask his preferences too. But dialogue shouldn’t be based from only one questions because it will be more similar to interrogation. Ideally, everything looks approximately so:


You ask the guy – he answers your question.

Then you support him in a conversation, developing a communication subject.

You answer his questions.

When the subject just about sputters out, you ask a new question, supporting continuous communication.


To begin to ask questions to the guy at acquaintance it is necessary to know two simple rules. The first rule – ask questions which are interesting to you and will help with further communication and the second rule, ask those questions on which you have answers.

As it has been already told, ask those questions which interest you.


Questions about friends. Perhaps, you have mutual friends on social network, to ask how they have got acquainted with the guy, to take an interest about his circle of contacts. This question will be not only useful, but also will create a small portrait of the guy.


Questions about his dreams and plans for the future. Questions about his dreams will allow you to two to dream about fine, and questions about the future will let know what plans at him in the next years and whether they coincide with yours.