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How to construct the relations on the Internet

When is the time to meet after you get into touch with someone via the internet? The answer will be obvious – all depends on with whom you communicate as you have a process of communication as your interlocutor looks at a meeting and you spoke with him about meetings if you aren’t present. Besides, there are also temporary stages of communication on the Internet:


Communication from 3 days to 2 weeks. This stage of communication at which communication begins to arise only. At this stage of communication you a little still know about each other. If after 3 days of communication – 2 weeks you meet, you will at once pass to real communication, without any excess correspondences. As you know each other not long, one of you has to take an initiative in communication because it will be necessary to communicate all meeting to make an impression. This meeting can last not long, a couple of hours quite will be enough. After the meeting you will understand whether it is necessary to communicate further on the Internet or to transfer your communication to real meetings.


  1. Communication from 2 weeks to one month. A stage of communication at which information about each other is already more or less clear. You have passed to virtual correspondence in which each of you can catch itself on a thought to meet, but for some reason, it hasn’t occurred yet. At this stage certain ideas of the person, especially, are already based if you correspond every day or every other day. If you meet at this stage of communication, then it will be easier to communicate at a meeting to you. You already know something about each other, told something, something remained in secret, anyway to you will be about what to communicate on the first appointment.


  1. Communication is more than a month. A stage of communication at which the girl can already write down you in category of “virtual friend”. More than a month those people who approach a question of communication and acquaintance on the Internet communicate it is careful, whether there is no opportunity to meet (if it is about acquaintance from the different cities and the countries), whether one of interlocutors doesn’t make up the mind to a step to the offer about meetings (how to become sure with the girl). At this stage of communication, you know about each other already enough. Each of you has drawn the picture – representation in the head, it was necessary only to meet and recognize each other closer. This stage has minus that if you aren’t pleasant each other at a meeting, then your whole month of communication on the Internet or will be vain more.

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