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Who you look for on a dating site

Did you think ever who you look for on a dating site? What aims do you pursue? Many don’t set any purposes and communicate just at a leisure. Depending on the one whom you look for the success of your acquaintance depends. Imagine that you have come to shop to choose footwear, but you don’t know what you want. You can spend 2-3 hours on the search of footwear. And another case when you come to shop and precisely know what you want to find. If such footwear catches sight to you on a counter, you buy it at once without thinking because initially, you wanted to buy it. By analogy, it is possible to draw a parallel and with dating sites and the Internet in general, if you don’t know whom you look for, it will be heavy to you to find the one who is really necessary to you.


Everything that you need to create for a start is a portrait of the desirable guy or girl. In mind, vaguely, we know who to us it is pleasant if for example, we go to the store or just to go on shopping center, we will be able to notice girls and guys who to us are nice, but we need to understand what in these guys and girls attracts us, not just they are pleasant to us, means there are some features: growth, appearance, color of eyes, length of hair, hair color, size of lips, skin color, nationality, etc. For example, I like tall girls who first of all don’t smoke, hair color – fair-haired, aim stay on a dating site (social network) – acquaintance to the subsequent meetings, the color of eyes – doesn’t matter, but preference green and blue, etc. Here it is possible to describe a number of features which I would like to find in the girl on a dating site, but I precisely would already eliminate those girls who have come with the purpose to kill time and just to chat on the Internet. It will help not just to find that person who to you will be nice and is pleasant, but also enormously to save your time. Many girls and guys and do, at once having described all the moments which they want to find in the guy or the girl.

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