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Confidence And Control

Easy come, easy go – anything that’s available in abundance or able to be obtained with
little to no effort is naturally going to be given a lower overall value in people’s minds
than something that’s rare or hard to find. Women don’t go weak at the knees at the
prospect of being approached by the average guy because of the very fact that he’s average – any girl could get the same guy’s attention and that doesn’t say much for her social value or worth. Now the flipside of the coin, what women do find attractive and do relish when it happens: Being approached by a guy that – as I’ve described before – is in control, confident and not falling at her feet, submitting to her every whim. So, your aim is to create this kind of highly attractive and rare persona.

In short, be the guy who, without appearing arrogant or stuck-up, isn’t engrossed or bowled over by every pretty girl who crosses his path. You’re indifferent, just as you should be until they have earned
something more. It works both ways and women do it all the time. It’s the only way the people with the highest personal worth and social value (who, if they’re female, just so happen to usually be 9 or 10’s on the looks scale) hook-up.

Okay, how do you construct a persona that exudes an effortless and relaxed attitude when it comes to talking to women? Well, first you use the previous technique, proximity and body language manipulation, to restrict massaging their ego until the right time.

Second, you expertly withhold personal information to further maintain control of the situation and to create an alluring sense of mystery in regards to who you are and what you’re about.

It’s a simple 2 step process:

Step 1: Never, under any circumstances, open/start a conversation with a girl by introducing yourself using your name, what you do or anything else that’s personal. Doing so immediately sends a poor psychological message to the girl: Sure, you’re friendly, but you’ve handed her control of the situation on a plate. It’s now up to her whether or not she responds with her own name or personal information. You can avoid this entirely by opening with a neutral yet well-chosen topic (in a later section we’ll look
at 3 great ways to do this), doing so keeps the balance of control long enough for you to build good rapport with the girl and get her interested, which leads nicely onto step two of this technique.
Step 2: By withholding the kind information most guys give out willy-nilly to girls when they first meet them, you’re silently achieving three things: first, you’re subliminally saying that you’re not infatuated with the girl enough to give her any personal details without her first giving you something back (same goes with proximity and body language).
Second, you’re helping build a sense of mystery around yourself. As the conversation goes from strength to strength, the girl is still in the dark when it comes to knowing even your first name. She only knows what you’ve chosen to tell her along the way, and you’ve only really done that because you happened to be talking about it at the time.

And lastly, to pack the final and most hard-hitting psychological punch, you’re able to tell her your name as the last thing you do before parting with her phone number or arranging a time and place you’re both going to meet again. This takes advantage of a well-known but not often used subconscious psychological principle called ‘The Law of Recency’ – in essence, what we hear, see or experience last sticks out most prominently in our minds when we think back later on. Your name, as the last thing she hears, is written indelibly in her mind, linked positively with the great conversation and experience you shared together, perfect for when you next meet.

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