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Erogenous zones in the erotic massage

As is clear from the physical differences between men and women, their erogenous zones differ. The most sensitive male organ is the penis. However, erotic massages are not equal to sex. During the tantric massage, the main goal is to inspire sexual energy, free it and help the client to become ready for new sexual events.

Flexible approach in a company

Erotic massage works with different erogenous zones and they differ a lot for different clients. Erogenous zones can be found only in searching. However, since some experience exists, it is much easier to start such a search. For example, a very sensitive place is the area between the back of the head and neck. Specialists prefer to gently scratch and stroke this area without any aggressive actions. The style of the massage is highly important since different clients need different styles. At SweetSensations we know how to select the right style.

The earlobes are also very sensitive. When our specialists search for erogenous zones, they do not forget about the nipples and stomach, especially it’s lower part. The majority of clients experience intense inspiring during a foot massage. It is also worth mentioning, that hands include areas with powerful energy. For example, the zone between the fingers is highly sensitive. The most sensitive place on the back is the area between the shoulder blades. In some types of massages, a woman uses her breasts for massaging that zone. Some customers prefer body massage style.

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