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Five Tips To Help You Turn On Your Girlfriend

There are lots of things that your girlfriend is going to complain about you or things that she wants to change about you and that is something that is to be expected. However, there is one thing that you really don’t want her to feel like changing and that is your sex life. Meaning, you want her to be SATISFIED with the way that things are and not secretly wishing that you were a little bit better in that area.
The sad thing about it is, most guys will never try and get better in this area and they won’t realize that they should have until it is too late and she is off frolicking with some other guy who is a little bit better in the bedroom. If you don’t want that to happen to you, then it might be a GOOD IDEA to find out what you can do to make sure that you do turn her on and you do leave her feeling satisfied.

Here are 5 tips that should help you turn on your girlfriend:

1)  Make note of something kind of obscure that she is into and then buy her a gift that symbolizes that thing.
One of the easiest ways to get a woman turned on is to move her emotionally and if you can be the kind of guy who remembers the little things,   that is going to go a long way in moving her emotions.   When you hear your girlfriend refer to something kind of obscure,   meaning you would really have to be paying attention to remember it,   and then give her a gift that symbolizes it,   it will definitely warm her up to you.   It might sound kind of sappy,   but it DOES work.   An example of this is I was dating a woman who told me one time that her favorite concert she ever went to was a Dave Matthews show and she did not have enough money at the time to get this one t-shirt that they were selling.   She only told me about that once,   but I remembered and I found that shirt and gave it to her and yes,   she was VERY thankful and appreciative.
2)  Take her away for a night or a weekend to some place special that she will remember for a long time.
This is another situation where the MEANING behind the act is really what works to make her feel turned on by you.   Let’s say that you decide to drop everything one weekend and whisk her away to some bed and breakfast where it is just you and her together and it feels very romantic to her.   You can bet that you are probably going to be able to get her turned on because you are doing something that is special,   romantic,   and something that is going to have a lot of meaning to her.   Doing things like this almost always works to get a woman aroused and in the mood.
3)  Buy her some classy lingerie that she can try on and model for you.
For most women,   this is only going to be a turn on if you buy her something that she considers to be classy and not something that she considers to be trashy.   When you do this and she models it off for you,   it’s going to work because you and her are sharing something special and something intimate.   You are not making her out to be cheap in any way,   you are showing her that you are turned on by her and you think she is beautiful and that is going to help to make her feel like she is turned on as well.
4)  Give your girlfriend a seductive massage.
This is one of those situations where you can make her feel really good physically and emotionally if you approach it right.   Approach the situation the wrong way and it may not have the outcome that you want it to have.   However,   if you know how to give her a seductive massage and you can get the ambiance just right,   you are going to find that not only is it easy to get her turned on,   you might just have an easy time seducing your girlfriend as well.
5)  Focus your attention on her more than yourself.
Showing your girlfriend that you can be a giver and not a taker when it comes to the bedroom is also a very good and effective way to get her aroused.   If there is one complain that most women have about the relationships that they are in,   it would be that they feel like they don’t get enough attention when it comes to the bedroom.   You don’t want to be one of those selfish guys who forgets about the woman,   you want to let her know that you are going to make her feel pleased and not just yourself.

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