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Keeping a Beautiful Woman – Honesty is the Best Policy

A man and woman who are honest with each other can identify problems in their relationship very quickly and can dispose of them very quickly.
If you want your woman to be sexually wild and responsive to you in bed, it’s necessary to be radically honest with your woman, with your feelings, with your present activities, and with your future plans.
If your dream is to have a threesome with her, you need to tell her. If you want her to learn to deep throat you, you need to tell her.

But more than that, being honest about any negative feelings you have serves a valuable purpose in a relationship. Your expression of negative feelings can alert your woman to any adjustments that need to be made. And her being honest with you allows you to make the appropriate adjustments too.
In other words, a man and woman who are honest with each other can identify problems in the relationship very quickly and can dispose of them very quickly.

But if you’re dishonest with your woman, problems will emerge, and fast.
For instance, if you want to have a sexual experience with another woman, and you keep it bottled up inside, eventually you may be driven to sneaking around, getting caught, causing emotional pain, and losing all trust in the relationship.

But if you communicate your desires (and one of the best ways is to use my communication scripts in my Blissnosis Master Program), you’ll be able to work out a solution with your woman… perhaps hooking up a threesome together.
Or imagine your woman loves to cook for you as an expression of her love. Unfortunately, she’s an awful cook – the burgers are soggy, the buns are stale, and the broccoli is tough like hard tack. Not to mention you’re on a diet and can’t eat hamburgers.

But because you appreciate her effort to cook, you don’t say anything and just eat and suffer in silence. Soon however, you come to dread visiting her and eating her terrible food, and you start to make up reasons not to visit her. The relationship suffers.

The relationship suffers because the dishonesty causes the other person to be ignorant, when they could be doing something to remedy the situation.
Or suppose your woman feels like she’s getting overweight. You’re concerned as well, but you decide not to say or do anything because you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable. You might even think that a few extra pounds isn’t such a big deal really. So she makes no effort to lose the weight, and then she gains a few more pounds. Pretty soon, you become increasingly displeased with her unattractive figure, but you continue to bite your tongue.

And pretty soon your dishonesty and keeping your feelings bottled up inside becomes a habit. And without accurate information, the unhappy situation goes on and on.
And slowly but surely you grow apart from your woman because your needs were not being met, all because you weren’t honest with her about what your needs were.
Sometimes we use dishonesty to protect our woman from the pain of criticism. But you do her no favors when you tell her”protective”lies to make her feel more secure and loved. Eventually exactly the opposite happens.

But for most guys they just need to stop acting like a wuss and get a backbone, especially when it comes to their sexual needs and fantasies being fulfilled.
You need to stop worrying about losing the relationship and go after what you want. In the long run, your relationship will be much healthier for it and your woman and you will be much happier when your needs are met.

Of course, you don’t want to confuse honesty with making demands, disrespect, or anger. If you want her to dress sexy for you, don’t pout like a child, beg like a wuss, or demand like a bully to communicate your needs.
And angry outbursts won’t get your woman to listen and adapt to your needs, they’ll only send her running for cover at your tone of brutal selfishness.
Honesty is simply reporting what your needs are without begging, pouting, outbursts, judgments, or demands.
And remember, being honest with your woman is not just for the bad moments or for the bad behaviors, but also for REINFORCING the good moments and the good behaviors.
90% of your”honest moments”should be for REWARDING her GOOD behaviors.
Whenever she does something that makes you feel good, TELL HER! If you express your positive feelings clearly and enthusiastically, you’ll make her feel good, reinforcing the good behavior and linking even more positive feelings to you.