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How to do a Striptease

The striptease is an erotic and slow dance show, which is equal to removing clothes to seduce.
This dance is accompanied by slow and seductive music to help foster better erotic environment, as well as its own; the striptease is the perfect prelude for a hot sex session.
One of the favorite sex play of men and women, this sexy little dance in which the person undresses slowly and provocatively, is known to be performed in men’s clubs by professional dancers, but you can also do it at home to wrap your man in a web of excitement and pleasure, and why not, the man can also do it, so the women can also enjoy seeing him doing this sensual show. ! Learn how to do a striptease with us!
Our advice on making a striptease are the golden rules along with other important tips, so go ahead and read them and do not inhibit to implement them later in your room while your partner looks at you like crazy.

How to perform a striptease?

First things: The preparation
Stand before a mirror and rehearse your moves and wiggles.
Take care of your skin and feel like new! It is good that a few days before making the striptease, you start exfoliating and moisturizing your skin well every day to make it look phenomenal. Keep in mind that you will have a person watching you directly while you get naked, so it is important to look good, confident and secure. Looking after your skin will give you that feeling. At the time of the presentation you could rub oil on your skin or glossy cream to look spectacular!
Go shopping! Don’t wait any longer and go to the shop to buy sensual and sexy lingerie that suits you according to your body, so you can feel sexier than ever. Girls, we recommend silk lingerie or lace… You can also use a league that just makes man go crazy. Clothing. Use clothes that are easy to remove. We recommend skirts, blouses, buttons, zippers, shoes without laces… An important part on how to do a striptease is to get the right clothes. For the most provocative, we recommend fancy dresses…, uniform sexy nurse, teacher, schoolgirl, cowgirl… etc., any costume that you know will shake your partner.
Choosing the music. Take your time to choose the perfect music. Opt for longer songs than usual, songs that have a slow and sensual beat. A highly recommended song is “You can leave the hat on” by Joe Cocker, famous for being useful for this type of dancing. Below we give a list of songs to choose yours for your presentation.
Light. The light in the room is very important to consider because it will be one of the key players to create an exciting atmosphere. Try using a glimmer… The advice is to use light of a shaded lamp, hopefully in a different shade like red, blue or green. Another option is to set some candles, take into account that one is not enough, it gives very little light and your partner will not be able to watch you with luxury.
Sit your partner in front of you comfortably in a chair or bed, bring a beverage of your choice and turn the music!
Dance steps for the striptease
The movements are always slow and precise. The look is a major component, therefore, always look in the eyes of your ardent observer and send messages without opening your mouth while you dance. Remember also to feel like an expert and not like you just learned how to do a striptease.
Do not forget to play with your hands. Use them to focus on some part of your body you want to emphasize. Start dancing without socks. You can leave a shoe that will not bother you while you undress; high-heeled sandals are very sexy. Remember to start taking off your clothes from the top down or bottom-up, but always in order. Still do not know how to do a striptease? Here are the steps you were looking for…
Some steps:
Do a sensual dance for about a minute. Move your hips. Play with a chair, wall, or dance provocatively around your partner without touching him.
Then unbutton your blouse, slowly, while still moving. Once you’re done, take it off and slide across the floor or let it fall gently down your back to the ground.
Then you can continue with dance steps, for example, rubbing a tissue or feathers through your body… approach your partner and do the same to him. Try to follow the rhythm of music.
How to make a more sensual striptease? Stand again in front of your guy and begin to unbutton sensually or lower the zipper of your skirt or pants. Tilt your body forward while gently lower your legs garment. To a greater effect, turn away from your partner and let your buttocks in front of his eyes when you undress, then you can also remove the garment with your hands until they reach the floor. So you are completely bent.
Now, merge slowly upwards as you go up, again and throw him one of your exciting looks, go back and get in front facing him.
If you are wearing a garter belt, raise your leg to the arm of the chair where your man is sitting and if he is on a couch put up your leg beside it. Bend over again, leaving your breasts very close to your guy, and very slowly take off the garter belt. Repeat with the other leg. Put it in his neck of course.
Now in underwear, walk around, and move your hips, turn… Let him have a good look at you!!
Stay in front of him staring and unzip your bra … Gently throw it at him…
Follow the rhythm of the music and touch your body a bit.
Finally, start removing your panties, slowly lowering by moving them from one side to the other with your hands.
You can sit and let out your panties with your feet and then be seated in a sexy pose. Look at your boy, send him a mischievous smile.
Stand… Go to him and kiss him hard… And enjoy what’s coming!
Music for a striptease
Enjoy our selection of music so you can do a striptease with charm and ambiance:
“You can leave the hat on” -Joe Cocker
“Naughty girl” – Beyoncé
“Fever” – Ray Charles
“Let me blow your mind” -Eve
“Never tears us apart” -INXS
“Purple Rain” -Prince
“Kepp Locking” –Sade
“Frankie’s first affair” – Sade
“No ordinary love” – Sade
“Still got the blues” – Gary Moore