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How to Have a One Night Stand – Tips For The Quick Hook Up

For some guys, getting a woman to want to have a one night stand is kind of the holy grail of hooking up. Not only do you get the thrill of picking up a woman and having things escalate to the point where you end up having sex, but it does not require that you end up doing the traditional dating thing. That alone can be enticing enough to make a man want to learn how to have a one night stand. Problem for many men is… while they want it to happen… they just don’t know how to make it happen.

One night stands also have a lot of «negative» association in a lot of people’s minds, so that can also make it a little harder than it has to be. Truth is, you can be a totally respectful kind of guy and still hook up for the night without having to go through the traditional dating thing. It’s all about how you approach it and how you carry yourself and what kind of experience that you end up having with the woman you hook up with.

Here is some advice on how to have a one night stand that you might find revealing:

  1. While the end goal is obviously to have sex with a woman, you do not want to make that seem like all you are going after.
    Like I said, there are a lot of negative association with one night stands and part of the reason for that is in the way that so many men approach trying to get a quick pick up. If you make your approach and it seems dead obvious that all you are after is just sex, then you are probably going to have a hard time getting a woman to want to go home with you. Women have to be on the defensive end of things when it comes to sex and hook ups, because of the risk to their reputation that they face. Guys on the other hand get their props when they have a one night hook up. Because of this inequality, most women will make sure that they don’t do anything that makes them look like a «slut.» If you approach a woman with respect and work on escalating things in a way that just seems natural, she is a lot less likely to feel like a «slut» and a lot more likely to see where things will lead.
  2. Have your bases covered before you go out looking for a one night stand.
    Share an apartment with a room mate? Well, then you better make sure that he is not going to be there that night. Typically end up at a club with your friends and without your car? That needs to be addressed before you go out so that everything works out just right. You are a lot more likely to end up with a one night stand if you have your bases covered and can afford the woman you want to get it on with a feeling of privacy. Most women will not hook up if they know that all of your guy friends are going to know about it. So, you need to make sure that you have a way to get her home with you without her feeling like she is going to get talked about the next day.
  3. You absolutely have to know how to use physical escalation techniques.
    It’s rare that you can just chat up a woman in a club or a bar and end up at your place with her by the end of the night if you do not know how to use proper escalation techniques. Yes, some women will be easier than others, but those are the ones that you might want to have second thoughts about if you know what I mean. For most women, you have to be able to use proper escalation techniques so that you can get to the point where sex just seems like the next step.

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